SIM Cards

5G SIM cards for use with the Proroute NR550 5G Router. Our range includes standard tariff SIM cards with a monthly data allowance as well as unlimited data SIM cards, Fixed IP SIM cards with either a private or public IP address and also roaming SIM Cards.

The choice of SIM Card will depend upon your intended use of the NR550 5G router. For example, if using as an office 5G router an unlimited data SIM might be suitable or if you need remote access, for example, using the NR550 for remote access to CCTV or other M2M remote access and monitoring application then you would need a Fixed IP SIM Card.

If you are using the RAPID 5G Router for an SDWAN solution, such as the Speedroute SD-WAN then a standard unlimited 5G SIM card would be sufficient, as the SDWAN PRO solution will provide the public IP address for the bonded Internet Service.

5G SIM Cards - Standard Plans

5G SIM Card UK Networks

SIM Card providers in the UK that offer 5G mobile data plans usually provide a monthly data allowance such as 20Gb or perhaps 100Gb per month and will cap the amount of data allowed.

The four main networks in the UK that provide 5G Data SIM Cards are O2, Vodafone, EE and 3 Mobile.  There are MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) such as Tesco Mobile, GIFFGAFF and Virgin Mobile who offer a 5G SIM card but this uses one of the four mainb networks for the actual 5G Internet connection but the MVNO will charge you for the SIM card rental and will have their own inclusive data plans and allowances.

5G SIM Cards - Unlimited Data

Unlimited Data 5G SIM Card

Unlimited Data 5G SIM Cards will be  5G SIM’s from the four main UK networks that provide the user with unlimited monthly data.  3 Mobile generally offers the cheapest data plan – for around £30 a month you can have unlimited data on 3mobile but this is subject to a fair use policy.  The same usually applies to Vodafone, O2 and EE unlimited data plans which are usually more expensive with EE generally £50-£60 per month for an unlimited data SIM and sometimes these SIM cards are only allowed to be used in smartphones or tablets and not to be used in 5G Routers so you should check the contract.  We can provide unlimited Data 5G SIM cards that are certified for use with 5G Routers so you do not need to worry about signing up to a long term 5G SIM contract only to find that you can’t use it in the NR550 5G Router.

Fixed IP SIM Cards

Fixed IP SIM Card Roaming

Fixed IP SIM Cards provide the NR550 router with a 4G or 5G Cellular Internet connection and provide a Fixed IP address.  Normally this would be a fixed, public IP address to enable remotre access to the RAPID NR550 router directly from the Internet.  This could then enable the NR550 to be used for remote access and monitoring.  For example if you needed remote access to CCTV equipment using a 5G Internet connection.  The 5G Fixed IP SIM Card would provide a high speed 5G connection with a public IP address so you could then configure Port Forwarding to your CCTV NVR and IP Cameras.

You could also get a Fixed IP SIM card with a Private IP address, this would mean that your NR550 router would not be accessible directly from the Internet.  In this scenario you would first connect your laptop or PC (or office router) to the Fixed IP SIM provider’s network using a VPN.  Now your PC (or office router) would be part of the SIM providers private network and you could now accessthe Fixed IP address of your router and therefore use port forwarding to connect to your CCTV NVR and IP cameras). 

Fixed IP SIM Cards are generally more expensive than a standard SIM card due to the fact that the Fixed IP provider has to provide the interlinks with the cellular networks and provide the hardware and infrastructure to be able to provide the Fixed IP element of the overal Fixed IP SIM card service. 

Traditionally these Fixed IP SIM’s would have lower monthly data allowances such as 1GB, 5GB and 20GB per month but recently some Fixed IP SIM providers have introduced larger monthly inclusive data plans such as 100GB and even unlimited fixed IP sim cards.  We can offer Fixed IP SIM cards on all networks as well as roaming fixed IP SIM cards and unlimited data fixed IP SIM Cards.  All of these will work with the Proroute RAPID NR550 5G Router.