Proroute NR550 5G Router - Bridge Mode

This guide describes the step to takes in the NR550 router configuration if you want to set the router in Bridge Mode / IP Passthrough.


The reason you may want to do this is becuase you are using the RAPID NR550 5G Router to provide a high speed connection to the Internet but want to connect it to the WAN port of a Firewall or business router.  Ideally the Bridge mode would be used with a Fixed IP SIM card with a Public IP address so that when accessing the public IP address the traffic is passed through to the WAN port of the Firewall / office router and is not managed by the NR550 router.

It is a simple process which we have outlined below.

Step 1 - Configure SIM APN Settings

We recommend using a Fixed IP SIM Card so that any traffic sent to the public IP address of the NR550 is passed through to the WAN port of the connected device.  In the example below we are using a Fixed IP SIM with public IP address and have configured the APN settings.  We then APPLY these settings and wait for the router to connect to confirm SIM and APN settings are correct.  For this we log into the router and go to the Setup > Basic Setup menu option.

NR550 Bridge Mode Step 1

Step 2 - Confirm Router Is Connected To The Internet

This is just a quick extra step to confirm that the NR550 is connected to the Internet and the Fixed IP SIM APN settings are correct and the IP address allocated to the SIM is correct.  You can see in the example below that the router is connected and has received the IP address from the Fixed IP SIM Provider.  In this case the Fixed IP SIM provider allocates a Private IP address which they will redirect the public IP address to.  For this we go to the Status and WAN menu option of the router.

Step 3 - Check the router Internet connection and Public IP

We do an additional check that the router is correctly connected to the Fixed IP SIM provider by visiting and this confirms a valid connection to the Internet and will also display the PUBLIC IP address which you would use to connect to the router. 

NR550 Bridge Mode Show My IP

Step 4 - Set NR550 to Bridge Mode

Now all that is left is to set the Proroute RAPID NR550 router to BRIDGE MODE – for this we access the adbanced settings option in the menu (under setup)

STEP 1 – use droptown box to select BRIDGE mode.

STEP 2 – Press SAVE

STEP 3 – Press Apply Settings


RAPID NR550 Bridge Mode

Once you have applied the settings you will nedd to wait for a few seconds and power cycle the router.  Once you have turned the router off and on the router will now be in bridge mode.   Wait for a few minutes then connect an Ethernet Cable to one oif the LAN ports of the NR550 router and connect the other end of the Ethernet cable top the WAN port of your office firewall or router.

All traffic to the public IP adrdess of the Fixed IP SIM card used by the Proroute NR550 router will now pass-through directly to the WAN port of the connected device.

In order to remove the Bridge mode you will need to factory reset the NR550.