Proroute NR550 Router VLAN Configuration

There are four Ethernet LAN ports on the router.

You can assign each LAN port a different LAN IP gateway address and enable DHCP server based on each different LAN Ethernet port.

This picture shows default settings of VLAN.

WAN using VLAN2 as interface.

LAN is using VLAN1 as interface and assigned to br0 as interface.

Port 4 is the left-most LAN port, moving to the right is port 3, 2 and finally port 1 is the right-most LAN port.

All 4 ports are using as the default IP.

Now we can change port1 to, it will generate a new interface and we can enable a DHCP server for the new interface.

  1. Go to Networking tab, there will be a new vlan3 interface.
  1. Unbridge it and add a new gateway ip.
  1. Add a new dhcp server
  1. Connect an ethernet cable from Port1 to your laptop. The gateway IP of your laptop will be

Further Configuration

With the configurations above, Ports are still assigned to the same bridge.

So devices connected to port1 (which obtain IP 192.168.2.x) are able to communicate with devices connected to the ports 2,3,4 (which obtain IP 192.168.1.x).

For example, if we require port2 and port3 to not be able to communicate, then we must create a new bridge.


1: Configure VLAN

  1. In networking tab create bridge 1 and bridge 2.
  1. Assign to Bridge 1 and Bridge 2
  1. Add dhcp server

With above configurations, port2 (192.168.3.x) and port3 (192.168.4.x) cannot communicate with each other.