Using Fixed IP SIM Cards with the NR550

If you need remote access to the RAPID NR550 router then you will need to use a Fixed IP SIM Card.  Many Fixed IP SIM’s currently operate on 3G/4G only so your APN settings may be slightly different.  Please use the following settings if you are using a 4G only SIM card, or 4G only Fixed IP SIM Card.

Log into the router web admin and go to SETUP – this is the page used in the router web interface to configure your APN settings, Ping Reboot and LAN settings.

APN : fast.vpn

This APN is usually associated with a roaming SIM card that operates on the four main UK networks.  These SIM cards only operate on 3G and 4G so will need to be configured as 4G only in the router settings.  These Roaming Fixed IP SIM Cards provide the router with a public IP address to enable remote access to the RAPID NR550 router.

You can see below the recommended settings in the SETUP page – the main things that have changed are the APN (fast.vpn), untick CHAP authentication and set connection type to FORCE 4G.  Even though the router is set to force 4G, if there is no 4G network available it will revert to a 3G connection.

fast.vpn apn settings for use in NR550 5G Router


Once you press APPLY at the bottom of the page the router will restart the modem and run through the connection process which normally take a few minutes.

This SIM card is usually a 4G Fixed IP SIM Card on the EE Network.

You will need to change the APN to,disable the CHAP authentication and set to FORCE 4G.  You will also need to enter a user name and password for the PAP authentication.  In this case the user name and address is millbeck and millbeck who are the Fixed IP SIM provider. 

Press the APPLY SETTINGS button at the bottom of the page and wait for a few minutes for the modem inside the router to reboot and attempt to connect to the EE 4G Network.

You can view the example configuration below.

NR550 APN settings for fixed ip sim