Getting Started with the Proroute RAPID NR550 5G Router

Thank you for your purchase of the NR550 5G Router.  This routerprovides a high speed, 5G Mobile broadband Internet connection and delivers the 5G broadband to your devices on the LAN via Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11AC WiFi.

You will need to take a few simple steps to get your NR550 router ready to power on and connect.

NR550 - Getting Started

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x NR550 5G Router
  • 1 x UK Mains PSU (12vdc)
  • 2 x WiFi Antennas (dual band)
  • 4 x Cell Antennas (blade type)
  • 4 x Magnetic Mount Cell Antennas *
  • 1 x Serial Interface Cable (RS232)
  • 1 x RJ45 Ethernet Cable
NR550 Box Contents

Step 1 - Inserting SIM and connecting Antennas

In the first instance we will provide instruction on using a single SIM card, which should be inserted into SIM slot 1 using the SIM tray – this should be done with the power OFF

Next, connect the WiFi antennas which should be angled 90 degrees away from each other at the base for best performance.

Now connect the 4 x blade antennas to the rear of the NR550 router – these should be angled as shown in the picture for optimum performance.

* The optional magnetic mount antennas have been included with the router in the event that the NR550 router is to be installed inside a data cabinet and the magnetic mount antennas can be positioned on top of the data cabinet – these should be spaced 30cm apart for optimum performance.  Do not use these magnetic mount antennas outdoors and if you are using them they need to be positioned vertically on a metal surface to provide a ground place for optimum antenna performance.

Once the SIM is inserted and the antennas connected, the power can now be connected.

NR550 Antennas

Step 2 - Connect your PC and configure the NR550

In many cases, the NR550 router will need to have some basic configuration in order to connect to the 4G/5G network. 


Connect Ethernet cable to Ethernet Port

Once you have connected your PC or Laptop to the LAN1 port of the router, the router will allocate your PC with an IP address (assuming you have your PC Ethernet settings set to automatically receive an IP – Click here for details of how to do this)

If you need to connect your Laptop using WiFi then the NR550 router has default settings to enable WiFi access to 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz WiFi without the need for a password so you could connect using WiFi.  NB as part of the initial router configuration we will advise you how to add WiFi security to your router as an essential part of your first time router configuration.

The SSID of the NR550 is NR550 5G for the higher speed 802.11 AC 5Ghz WiFi and NR550 for the 802.11 b/g/n WiFi.

You can now open a web browser (Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Edge) and in the address bar enter the IP address of the router which is which will bring up the WEB GUI for the RAPID NR550 Router- you will see a page like the one below.  The first time you connect the router will ask you to change your web admin user name and password.  Please ensure you remember these because once you save the changes you will be asked to log into the router again.

NR550 password change first log in

Once you have changed the user name and password you will be asked to log into the router again.

NR550 Log In

Enter you new user name and password and you will now be able to configure the RAPID NR550 router.  Once you are logged in you will see the following page:-

NR550 Initial log in page

The first thing to do is set up the APN so that the router can connect to the 4G or 5G network which will confirm the router and SIM are working.  Once the Internet connection is live then the rest of the router configuration can be done.

On the MENU – select SETUP – which is the first menu option – you will see a page like the one below.

NR550 Insert APN Settings

Type in your APN and above the APN box is the option to enter user name and password if your SIM provider has advised you to enter these.  Once you have entered the APN settings you can press the APPLY

NR550 Press Apply Settings

The Proroute NR550 5G Router will now attempt to connect to the 4G or 5G network using the APN settings you have applied in the router setup page.

You can now click on STATUS and WAN in the router menu and you will nee the 4G / 5G Internet connection status.  The status page for WAN will look like the one below:-

RAPID NR550 5G Router WAN connection status page

As long as your SIM card is live, and you are in a location with a cellular signal for the SIM / Network you are using and have entered the correct APN settings then the NR550 should now be connected to the Internet.  You can now continue with your configuration.  Below is a quick video guide that shows the process above as well as a basic configuration and walk-through for the most common settings. 

The video below also shows the remote access settings and port forwarding but these only apply if you are using a Fixed IP SIM card.  If you are using a standard 5G SIM card then your Cell network will likely be using CG-NAT which means you will be unable to connect remotely to the router and will be unable to use port forwarding.  If you need remote access to the NR550 router and need to use port forwarding then please contact us to discuss Fixed IP SIM cards.

Watch the NR550 General Overview Video

This quick video guide provides a quick run through of the RAPID NR550 router Web GUI and shows where to find the most popular configuration settings including APN settings, LAN IP address, Port Forwarding, WiFi SSID and Security, enabling remote access and enabling system log.

If you need additional support please email with your question.  

To view the RAPID NR550 full user manual CLICK HERE